Path, the mobile social network is becoming a success

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More than two years has taken the social network created by a former Facebook employee Dave Morin, to start to be a success. Path was launched in November 2010, but it was not until a few weeks ago, introducing a revamped version, when it has begun to add a significant number of followers. Just exceed nine million users and is increasing at a rate of one million members a week. This rate of growth is particularly striking in Latin America’s market, particularly in Venezuela, where he won more than 500,000 members in just a weekend. 

Path-Social Networking

Path-Social Networking

This social network was designed to be used exclusively on mobile devices. In fact, you do not have web version. Hence it has been dubbed “the most intimate and personal network”, and is now at the peak of the use of the “tablets” and “smartphones” when the network begins to emerge.And it is probably your phone is the primary focus key to success. To this have helped the characteristics of this network, which combines the best of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram. Available for iPhone and Android, their perspective is smaller than that of Facebook, limiting to 150 the number of friends.

While Path is growing, Facebook loses tug and experienced a sharp drop in users in the European market and the U.S.. According to an analysis of SocialBakers picked up by ” The Guardian “in the last month the decline was 6 million visitors in the United States, representing a fall of 4%, while in the United Kingdom has lost 1.4 million users, which means a drop of 4.5%.

While Path is still a long way from the world’s largest social network, it seems that it is becoming an alternative for those who leave Zuckerberg network. Will overtake Facebook?

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