Year 2017… Attacks On IoT To Increase: Expert

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The 2017 will be different in terms of cyber attacks. Homes will come under the control of cyber criminals and experts believe number of attacks on the Internet of Things (IoT) will increase.

The webcams, DVRs, thermostats and other connected devices undoubtedly makes life easier for homeowners, but it also makes susceptible to cyber-intrusions.

Under the IoT feature one can lock door or switch off lights with the help of just a smartphone app. It is here to once again remember the comment of Sophos security research global head James Lyne who earlier said, “The sharks have smelled the blood in the water and they’re now circling to use your IoT device for further attacks.”

Sophos is a UK-based cybersecurity company and smart home devices have lately been hot gifts this holiday season. Some say smart devices makes dangers more acute.

Retail consultant Jan Kniffen puts his views saying the real strength in the IoT is to be seen and it will not be just thermostat, but everything in the house.

However, the tech world do understand the risks, but consumers are unaware or even unconcerned too. Appropriate measures are not being taken to prevent such cyber attacks.

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