When Should You Consider Dental Crowns

Dental crowns, also known as caps are dental restorations that serve both therapeutic and aesthetic purposes. A crown not only restores the shape of the damaged and treated tooth but also protects and strengthens the tooth. Note that crowns are placed on dental implants as well ( after 3-6 months of healing time). To learn more about the different uses of dental crowns, feel free to access an authoritative website such as avenuesourire.com, a top-rated Longueuil dental clinic’s website, and click on “Crowns and bridges” under Aesthetic Dentistry. Additionally, you can learn about dental bridges. These are a restorative option for two or more missing teeth and consist of at least two caps placed on the remaining tooth structure, with a pontic ( i.e. a false tooth) fused to the crowns.

One of the most well-known uses of a crown is to protect and cover a chipped, worn down, or broken tooth. Once placed on top of the damaged tooth, the dental cap helps restore the patient’s ability to chew properly, while also improving their smile. A dental crown is designed to restore the function, form, and, equally important, the aesthetics of the tooth. This means that you can consider dental crowns if your tooth is healthy but aesthetically problematic; for instance, if you have one or more discolored or malformed teeth.

Considering a dental crown that serves only to improve a tooth’s appearance is optional, but in some cases, it becomes a medical necessity. More specifically, following endodontic treatment, in particular a root canal, covering the treated tooth with a crown is imperative in order to protect the remaining tooth and prevent any infection in the root canal. The expertise and experience of both the dentist and the dental technician are important for the best results. Longueuil dentists Dr. Amiri and Dr. Aoude work with the best dental labs in the Greater Montreal area, so you can expect stellar results when you choose the top-rated dental clinic Avenue Sourire. It’s worth noting that ceramic or porcelain crowns are the most popular option in terms of the material used because these can be color-matched to one’s natural teeth.

If you live in Longueuil, QC, or surrounding areas and you want to know if dental crowns are the right dental restorations for you, feel free to call Avenue Sourire Centre Dentaire Amiri-Aoude at (450) 445-6161 to book an appointment with Dr. Aoude or Dr. Amiri, both of whom specialize in restorative dentistry including crowns and bridges.

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