How To Find A Reputable College Consultant

If you’re interested in hiring the services of a college consultant in order to apply to your dream colleges, simply continue reading to discover how to select an experienced, reputable college consultant.

How to find a reputable college consultant:

Select a college consultant who offers valuable insider knowledge:

It’s a wise idea to select a college consultant who boasts previous experience as a college admissions administrator, a scholarship director or a financial aid director. As they’ll have valuable insider knowledge which they can use to help you get accepted to the top colleges on your short list. It’s well worth researching each potential college consultant’s LinkedIn profiles, to discover whether to not they’re likely to have insider knowledge on the college admissions process. As most college consultants will list their previous jobs on their public LinkedIn profiles.

Choose a college consultant who listens to your opinions:

When you’re searching for college admissions consulting services it’s critical to choose a college consultant who actively listens to your opinions. As good college consultants will help you select and apply to colleges which suit your college check list and will not try to dissuade you from applying to colleges that you’re interested in attending. It’s a wise idea to book short phone calls with your top three short listed college consultants, in order to select a college consultant who you feel comfortable talking to.

Search for reviews from previous clients:

Before selecting a college consultant, also take the time to search the internet for reviews from each prospective college consultant’s previous clients. In order to get a sense of what working with each potential college consultant may look like. If multiple past clients rave about getting into Ivy League colleges of their choice after hiring the services of a particular college consultant, you may have found an excellent college consultant to hire.

Ask family friends for recommendations:

You may also want to ask family friends who have older children who have left for college if they have any recommendations for you. As they may have used college consultants to help their own children apply to their chosen colleges.

In conclusion, if you’re sold on the idea of hiring the services of a college consultant to guide you through the process of applying to your chosen colleges, it’s well worth using the valuable information listed above to help you make a wise, informed choice.

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