Zynga signed an agreement with Digital Legends

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Zynga , one of the largest social gaming companies and creators of titles such as Farmville or Mafia Wars , has signed an agreement with the Barcelona studio Digital Legends to expand the market for mobile games.

The first title to be affected by this alliance will The Respawnables , a multiplayer action game in the third person thought for all types of players. According Xavi Carrillo , founder of the study, the future is in the free games and mobile devices, as well as titles that do not make distinction between the casual player and the more experienced.

Digital Legends was born in 2001 as a developer of games for N-Gage , the hybrid phone and console Nokia . Finally started to devices programmed to Apple and in 2008 presented the title Kroll , beside the decedent Steve Jobs during the presentation to the world of iPhone 3G .These development team with extensive experience in securities for devicesApple , as Icebreaker Hockey or adaptation of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 , and others

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