Zuckerberg out of the top 10 billionaires technocrats

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The storm is not over for the young Mark Zuckerberg .After a failed IPO literally and scandals of fake profiles Facebook , now his personal fortune takes a hit.

The creator of Facebook came out of the list of 10 richest billionaires technocrats. He had entered upon the introduction of Facebook stock exchange. Blame it on the stock exchange.

The action of Facebook has lost some 4% net in a single day, August 3. The equivalent for Zuckeberg of $ 423 million missing because of a line running in a chart.

Since May, the month of entry in Facebook stock, the stock has lost 47% of its initial value.

And now Mark Zuckerberg is now only the 76th position with a personal fortune of “only” $ 10.2 billion.

The biggest billionaire in the field of technology is the unshakable Bill Gates with a personal wealth estimated at $ 61.6 billion.

Moreover, the 40 richest men in the world have won last Friday during a general rise in technology stocks on the stock market (except, of course, Facebook), $ 19.4 billion in one fell swoop.

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