ZTE will provide mobile phones based on Tegra 4 by mid-year

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NVIDIA head at a recent quarterly reporting conference talked a lot about that for a breakthrough in the smartphone segment of available LTE-needed solutions, and the announcement of the processor Tegra 4i with integrated LTE-modem proved the seriousness of the company. It became apparent that in the segment of smartphones available NVIDIA will assist partners by providing access to the product of the reference design, which has received symbol Phoenix.

For Tegra 4 such plans in the smartphone market was not announced, and NVIDIA has focused on his own game products Project Shield, which is the first commercially available vehicle that processor. It was believed that tablets and smartphones based on Tegra 4 will come to the end of the year, but the “names, passwords, secret” remained secret.

As the resource, one of the first mobile phones based on Tegra 4 will present the Chinese company ZTE. By the middle of this year, the manufacturer promises to start selling so-called “Superphone” based on Tegra 4 on the Chinese market.Access to networks of LTE in this case provide a discrete modem Icera i500. “Superphone” ZTE Grand Era provided a combination of a quad-core Tegra 3 and the retail price of about $ 160. I want to believe that his followers based on Tegra 4 will have similar pricing.

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