ZTE joins the race of Smartwatches

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The club of smart watches will gradually adding new members. A Samsung and Sony, with its Galaxy Gear SmartWatch and 2, respectively, could soon join them another Asian company, ZTE .

The Chinese manufacturer has revealed that in a few months also have its own smartwatch. Specifically, it has been Qianhao Lu, head of marketing strategy ZTE has confessed that they are going to enter this market.

In principle it will be a smartwatch with very similar to those existing products features, but will be sold at a lower price to attract the general public, according to The Wall Street Journal.

According to resources, the Chinese firm will unveil the device during the first quarter, but its launch will not happen until Q2. In principle, the device will be available in China and then try to make a dent in the U.S. and Europe.

But ZTE could not just stay in this small section of wearable technology. According to the executive, are being considered while other possibilities in the field of mobile computing with gagdets as smart glasses and smart shoes online for health purposes.

ZTE is the first Chinese company that sells smart watches. In September Coolpad , the Chinese manufacturer also launched its waterproof model, calledcWatch .

As the market continues to evolve, everyone awaits the arrival of proposed Apple and Google.

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