Zinc, essential for connecting the neurons and prevent depression

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  • The low level of this trace element could explain why depressions occur
  • It was shown by a research conducted by scientists from the CSIC
  • Their availability depends on the production of nitrous oxide in the body.

A group of researchers from the CSIC (Higher Council for Scientific Research) found that zinc plays an important role in communication between neurons and low levels of this trace element in certain brain areas may explain why depression occur.

Zinc is an essential element for many biological functions are carried out and it is also necessary for proper transmission of signals between neurons.

Javier Garzón, CSIC researcher pointed out that we now know that it is ” essential functions mediated by neurotransmitters -molecules responsible for transferring information-“.

Zinc is a modulator of neuronal excitability

In addition, scientists have found that the availability of zinc in the body depends on the production of nitrous oxide . Specifically, they have found that the receptors, which are responsible for collecting the signals of neurotransmitters activate the production of nitrous oxide to release the trapped zinc by a number of proteins.

Explains their low level depression or lethargy

The discovery, published in the journal Antioxidants and Redox Signaling , helps to understand the relationship of this compound with certain brain disorders such as depression or lethargy.

“Now we can say that the lack of zinc impairs neurotransmission and its low level in areas related to mood cerebreales explain why depression occurs , “researchers have claimed.

So far the zinc has been used in pharmacology as an effective treatment for depression, but is also present in meat, seafood or fish. However, the authors have warned that there is no scientific data substantiating that a diet rich in zinc prevents depression alone.

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