YouTube videos dwindling in iOS 6

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Pretty disturbing news is that developers are finding in the beta 4 version of iOS 6 published by Apple .And it continues the saga and large companies struggle through mobile platforms. Specifically it is the video site YouTube , which in iOS 6 will not apply , at the end of the contracted period of the licenseand, it seems, can not use the native player or number of the operating system.

A few days ago we reported that YouTube was not present at the trial version of iOS 6 for developers.Its elimination is given by finalization of use of license . And is that Apple has been able to introduce this application standard for five years on their devices, but not anymore. However there was a dramatic issue, as people of Google confirmed shortly after were in full development of a specific application for Apple gadgets . Meanwhile users are reminded that the video site remained active through the website .


And here comes another surprise . By using the Safari web browser to access the page of YouTubehas been found to no longer use the player device , but the web page itself . It is possible to watch videos comfortably, without application through the YouTube player, built on HTML5 , an Internet protocol with many possibilities. But this is not a complete solution to the lack of implementation or support for the native player of iOS .

By using the website you can see videos on it easily, but losing the features and qualities of the iOS player . This means, for example, the loss of full-screen playback . Not only that, but also ignores the role of playback via AirPlay , which allows us to connect with other devices, such as stereos, for playing content. Something that many users will miss in iOS 6 .

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One might think that this is a strategy of Google to get everyone, once launched iOS 6 , applying finish downloading YouTube they are developing. Undoubtedly, the split between Apple and Google is increasingly apparent. Not only each has its own map application , but seem to want to further narrow their features, services and applications . Something that, in the end, ends up paying the user , who is forced to use unofficial applications or lose functions .

Let’s wait to know more details of this story , and possible new surprises in the release of iOS 6 , which has not yet been dated. Nor is no known official date for the release of the new application from YouTubeto iPhone and iPad . Hopefully that is available for the arrival of iOS in June , and another question that hangs is the ability to publish our videos on the popular portal.

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