Youtube layout changes and now shows on channels that you subscribe

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New interface shows the navigation bar on the left, which leads him to interact more with their lists and subscriptions

The Youtube has just confirmed to that is making changes to its layout. A spokesman for the company said the following site (in translation): “With more videos coming to YouTube every minute, we’re always experimenting with ways to help people more easily find, watch and share the videos that matter most to them. As always, we will consider making changes more broadly based on feedback about these experiences. ”

Print Screens taken by show how is new interface for video site

What gives notice to the new video page is that it has a navigation bar on the left, which leads him to interact more with their lists and signatures. This is a direction to which YouTube has gone a long time, with its homepage that is strongly focused on the channels you are subscribed.

The large balcony on the project that YouTube is testing is that you do not get “lost” when someone sends you a link to a video. Currently you can click on the videos suggested similar course, but bring all their signatures to navigation ensures that you stay longer within the platform. It’s smart.

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