Youtube improved automatic protection against copyright infringement

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Youtube has its copyright protection system ” Content ID optimized “and added some features.So owners can for almost five years identify videos uploaded by users that consist entirely or partially of their content. Copyright infringements were detected, there is a choice between three options: Marketing, Communication, or locks. Meanwhile, more than 3,000 owners have uploaded more than 10 million reference files with 500,000 hours of material on the basis of Content ID automatically detect copyright violations, as in the YouTube blog states.


A revised algorithm will ensure that fewer false alarms.Generally, the hit accuracy of the protection system has been improved when comparing the reference material and user videos.

The system is now filtering out potentially unjustified claims, which are then checked again manually. This would be minimized “unintentional errors” writes Thabet Alfishawi, for rights management product manager. “Of course, we also take measures to rare cases of willful abuse, through to block access to content ID.”

From now on, users whose videos uploaded by the system was incorrectly reported as suspicious, even more opportunities to take action against a barrier. They are of the opinion that her clip contains no copyrighted material, they can contact the owners and ask for a recently additional manual testing. This is mandatory for the owners. Afterwards he can unlock or received notice of an infringement under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ( DMCA information). Users can simultaneously with good reputation (“good copyright standing”) report up to three videos as false alarms.

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