YouTube co-founders created another video tool: Mixbit

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Since Chad Hurley left office as CEO of YouTube in October 2010, co-founder of the video site has not stopped. In April 2011, Hurley, along with the also creator of YouTube Steve Chen , I bought the tool to Yahoo! Bookmarks Delicious . Two weeks after the duo also made ​​with Tap11 , a start-up social network analysis. A year later the couple made ​​known Zeen , a project to create custom magazines. After another year, the entrepreneur looks to new horizons with something called ‘ MixBit ‘.

Or maybe not so new. Mixbit Hurley would mean the return to the world of video, two and a half years after leaving YouTube. As the service is defined in its official website , it is a “new site not only to watch videos of cats, but also to create them together.”



Hurley takes the confusion created with the joke that YouTube is closing (today is April 1st, April fools in some English-speaking countries) to announce the launch of its platform through a tweet . At the moment only a lucky few can prove it, although it is possible to send a mail to receive news about the product.

The Twitter account pointed to Hurley to pursue his new firm gives us clues. The particle ‘app’ would indicate that Mixbit could be a tool designed for the mobile world.

Any application for creating collaborative video to smartphones and tablets? Not the first time someone comes up with the idea. A few months ago Joseph Summer, Sting stem, allied with King David Lassman technology entrepreneur, to create Vyclone , software for iPhone (and now Android) allowing recordings combine an event from different points of view by geo-location. This app gives you the option to make an automatic or custom installation with the various video sources.

Another clue is given by the email you receive to point us to the newsletter Mixbit . In the same contact is added AVOS Systems , the company Hurley and Chen. The firm, rather than being a start-up outside, would be a tool within AVOS. When bought Delicious, the pair already joined the service within their company.


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