YouTube changed the design and adopts a minimalist interface

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Google has never stopped to make improvements to their famous video platform . In fact, the trend has been evident on many fronts, both in design and in its functionality. Now this is a major change for now only in the test , but which can now be tested by the vast majority of users accessing YouTube . We’re not talking, however, of any change, but a total redesign of the user interface that could be applied – in the not too distant – to all accounts of YouTube . And although it would have to be improved some minor questions about its operation, the presentation of this facelift may be very well regarded by the vast majority of users.away from current and classic user interface , the new design offers the look a casual service, minimalist and practical , something that many would be asking for some time screaming. You encourage you to try it?


Fortunately, though the changes have not been announced officially, all users of the platform and are willing to prove how they are doing with the new design. The medium Engadget provides some clues on how to reach him through any supported browser. We have personally confirmed that the operation is correct in Chrome (the browser Google ), Firefox and Internet Explorer , so you should have no problem handling this new system. First, you will have access to YouTube as you would normally do and look for the video you want to see. We have chosen this little gem called Dumb Ways to Die (you can write well in the search box to go directly to video) and select it for playback. Then, you’ll have to click on the video being played with the right mouse button and select ‘ Popup ‘ . Be sure not to have the pop-ups blocked in the browser, because if so you can not correctly display this new window.


If you have taken all the necessary steps, you will just sit and watch the video through this new redesigned interface . As you can see from the pictures, this is a completely revamped tool, with much more space to play and with clearer controls. Those responsible have also made modifications YouTube on minor aspects of the design that have actually given to the interface look much sharper and cleaner. The playback controls navigation and not on the screen. In fact, in the lower right information see (marked white) on the instructions, which in this case can be arranged through the physical keyboard of the computer . Just press Control and the indicated key to perform a search, go back or return to the main.

From the main menu is displayed on the video larger than , looking crisp and clear trends, plus all the search options and access to lists of reproduction or groups . For now, Google has not provided accurate information about the arrival of these changes. It would not be strange that in these times ofMountain View was still be studying their implementation globally and permanently. We look to see what changes occur, if so be it.

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