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Few days I’ve been hanging around this idea without really knowing where it fits: in China, HTC has just launched a mobile is a mobile accessory smaller. 


The largest mobile terminal is a high end Android, the HTC-Advanced Butterfly last December. Like most high-end Android phones this year commitment to a large screen. In this case there are five inches. Samsung, Sony, Huawei and other vendors have also filed or will file in the coming months phones around five inches, mainly because thanks to that size can fit Full HD resolution in the data sheet.

But this is where it gets interesting. The phone is so great that HTC wants to sell also an accessory, at least in this country, which resembles a bar format phone before the intelligent touchscreen flood the market . 

The idea of this HTC Mini is that it works as a remote control for the larger device. It is a phone to the phone. It connects via Bluetooth and can be used as a headphone extension but also has some other advantages. It serves, for example, as a remote control for video playback when the phone is connected to the TV via an HDMI cable, as the trigger for the camera and on the small LCD screen can also display texts of the messages received.

The mobile can be larger in the jacket pocket, briefcase or handbag and accessory pocket.

There are users who prefer a hands-free headset, more discreet. Several companies this year are launched for smart watches, wrist devices that we can show in a small screen of a text message or an email.

In a sense the HTC Mini is not far from both concepts but as a proposition is almost a joke and in fact when I saw it I thought it would be some sort of promotional gimmick. But no, it’s real. And who knows, just recently become a common accessory for other brands.

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