Your next boss may be a computer

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” I’d rather have a computer like an idiot boss “said Daniel Barowy to develop his invention, AutoMan, the first automated system that can delegate tasks to human workers across platforms of” crowdsourcing “(open and distributed collaboration) and Mechanical Amazon Turk.

Artificial intelligence is getting better every day, but many computers still experience problems when performing tasks that are simple for humans, for example, quickly read data from a driver’s license or understand a joke.

To go around this situation, people can post tasks on these platforms for others to complete. But Barowy, computer scientist at the University of Massachusetts wants to automate this process and thus has created AutoMan .

“We are thinking of a new way of computing. This changes the type of things that can be done “, said the portal Barowy Newscientist.

Barowy and colleagues designed Automan leg to send tasks manejase workers, accept or reject work and be responsible for making payments.” This is replacing the heads with a computer “ , he noted.

However, he notes that the quality must be guaranteed and full automation is not possible if there is no mechanism to regulate this worker quality.

Unlike existing platforms ‘crowdsourcing’ AutoMan not intended to predict the reliability of their workers taking into account past performance, but the lack of an adequate response, this still sends the same task to the job until it is sure you have received what I expected.

“This will save the most interesting part of being chief of the creative fun. It’s really the best of both worlds, because it has the computer doing the dirty work “

AutoMan could be used by application developers as VizWiz, in which blind people take a picture of their surroundings and get a description of their surroundings.

Of course, the work of human quasi this computer is not free. AutoMan be given a budget by the application developer and scheduled to keep costs down. The team has already been presented at the conference “Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages & Applications‘taking place in Arizona. ” People liked it because it is fair , “has seen its creator.

“AutoMan might even help the growth of a new class of jobs that could become a new sector of the global economy,” added another team member, Emery Berger, also at the University of Massachusetts.

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