YotaPhone smartphone with two screens to be produced in Singapore

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The company officially introduced the Yota Devices ODM-partner on the smartphones YotaPhone, equipped with two screens. They became the company Hi-P from Singapore. As stated in the press release Yota Devices, a company Hi-P is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of Asia, specializing in consumer electronics and wireless telecommunications.



“The Hi-P with a record of a release of large volumes of mobile devices will provide a sophisticated design and support of modern technologies”, – the Executive Director of Yota Devices Mark Miller.

Yota Devices also announced the opening of an office in Singapore on scientific and technological development and sales in Asia. As expected, research and development center in Singapore, together with the development team of the company in the U.S., Russia and Finland will work with Hi-P to be used to improve production technology first and subsequent generations YotaPhone.

«Hi-P is well aware that without the speed and flexibility of success in a rapidly changing market is not possible – said ST Yao (CT Yao), CEO of Hi-P. – We are committed to producing high quality products within the stipulated time schedule. “

YotaPhone smartphone features two 4.3 “screens, one of which is liquid crystal, and the second is based on electronic ink technology E-Ink.All the details related to YotaPhone, the company promises to reveal the exhibition MWC 2013 that starts next week in Barcelona.

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