YotaPhone- The dual screen mobile hit the market

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Few days back, the Russian mobile manufacturer company Yota announced its solution to reduce energy consumption in the terminals. So alongside the usual LCD touch screen, the company planned to launch a phone built to take a back electronic ink display . Finally, this innovative proposal actually blocks the arrival to the departure even YotaPhone device market price of 499 euro s and has a low power consumption, allowing viewing messages, alerts or other information without having to turn on the LCD screen .

According to the resources ,  this new smartphone features a front screen of 4.3 inches diagonally, has a resolution of 720 × 1280 pixels, while the rear e-ink screen has the same features and a density of 200 dots per inch. Inside the terminal we have a processor Snapdragon S4 dual core, 2Gb of RAM , 32 GB of storage capacity for LTE connectivity and a front camera 720p and 12 megapixel back. All this fitted in less than 10 millimeters thick and 140 grams using the Android operating system.

The main attraction of YotaPhone is that the electronic ink display not only be used to read e-books, but also worth to receive notifications and alerts so that the user can enjoy a longer battery life because there will to use the LCD screen habitaul to perform such tasks. In fact, it may be increased up to 50% energy.

Also, any information that the user may want to keep on the main screen capture and send it to the back, without draining the battery in your terminal. Whether this the map or shopping list. In addition, there are no physical buttons on the device, but a multi-touch screen.

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