Yontoo1, details about the new Trojan for Mac

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For months it was confirmed that Macs are not safe against computer viruses , and although constantly release updates to fix the problem, still not achieve much.



It has been found to Yontoo1 , a Trojan that attacks through web browsers and portable computers with Mac OS X.

Yontoo1 attacks Macs the way many malicious applications do: through websites seeking to install a specific plugin (regularly is to watch movies online in good quality).

The malicious download called Free Twit Tube and is ‘compatible’ for Firefox, Chrome and Safari, to proceed with the installation, modified pages Apple and show different advertisements.

This virus is nothing extraordinary (even has a version for Windows users, which operates under the same modus operandi ), but the emphasis has been given to Macs because there are many who still think they are immune to these threats.

The way to eliminate Yontoo1 system is quite simple: just need to use an efficient antivirus to check the system and eliminate the root of the problem, without compromising their computers or laptops.

However, the best way to prevent such invasions and jeopardize the performance of your computer is simple and simply do his best not to install applications of dubious origin that may contain computer viruses or similar threats, as in most cases only attract problems and even keep their promises.

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