Yahoo resets users passwords after a cyberattack

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Yahoo, the second server of the world’s largest after Gmail email, today restored its users passwords after a cyberattack, the company said today.

“We have recently identified a concerted effort to gain unauthorized access to the email accounts of Yahoo effort, but our research indicates that the list of users and passwords they used to execute the attack was probably obtained from another database,” explained today the company blog Jay Rossiter, senior vice president for platforms and product customization.

Yahoo did not disclose the number of hacked accounts but said it has sent emails and text messages to affected users with a double check to restore your passwords.

Technology giant with authorities investigate the origin of the attack, which so far is known, there would have to steal passwords from other servers or websites.

Following this attack, experts quoted by the media Americans reminded the importance of Internet users have different passwords, ie, do not use it for all your email accounts, social networking subscriptions or access to other websites.

This is not the first cyber attack sufferer Yahoo, who had two notorious in 2012 and earlier this year, and represents a new performance of hackers who sparked the debate over the safety and privacy on the Internet .

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