Yahoo reinvents style Facebook

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The portal performs a makeover to provide a more modern and attractive hue to its users, includes video and text news similar to those provided by the network of Mark Zuckerberg.



The Internet portal Yahoo Inc. is conducting a makeover of its website, which seeks to give a touch more modern and attractive to its users, and it has taken note of what they do their peers.

“We wanted it to be familiar, but we also wanted to take some of the modern web paradigms,” the president said Wednesday executive Marissa Mayer on the “Today” on NBC.

“One thing I really like is the news flow that can be personalized, is infinite and you can still see texts indefinitely,” said the executive.

Mayer published on a blog that the company will begin to make changes in the coming days, while for the following months, expect more reforms and improvements. The news flow infinite, containing photos, videos or text, is similar to that of Facebook Inc. Or Twitter.

The executive also said in his blog that the website will have newly designed applications, will allow users to connect with their user credentials Yahoo or Facebook, and work well on smartphones and tablets.

Yahoo is one of the most visited sites in the worldwide web, but revenues have declined in recent years by competition from Google and Facebook. It has also suffered internal crises that have led to changes in management.

Mayer, 37, took the lead following a tumultuous period in which the former CEO Scott Thompson resigned after less than six months in office by a dispute regarding academic background, and during which the co-founder Jerry Yang resigned directory and severed its ties with the company.

Yahoo’s revenues in 2012 totaled about 5,000 million. The figure was similar to the previous year, and down from 6.300 billion in 2010.

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