Yahoo! buying Summly

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Yahoo ! purchase Summly, an application that summarizes the information texts to mobile screens, as announced the two companies, which do not give financial details of the amount.



Summly was created in 2011 by Nick D’Aloisio when he was 15. With those old got his application received financial support from the Hong Kong Li Ka-shing, with $ 350,000, which was followed by Yoko Ono, Rupert Murdoch, Ashton Kutcher and Mark Pincus.

Born in London but raised in Australia, applying initially called D’Aloisio Trimit and born for the Apple system. was downloaded 200,000 times. Its novelty was to summarize texts in 140, 500 or a thousand characters. A year later, as Summly, App Store was appointed one of the best applications of the year.

Summly utlizada was primarily a tool for media companies because, despite summarize their contents, they reported more visits. With the purchase, Summly disappears from the App Store today, although D’Aloisio, announced on its Web will continue its mission: “We simplify the way to get the information and look forward to continuing this mission globally with Yahoo!. With more than 90 million abstracts in a single month, we are only at the beginning of the application of our technology. “

The acquisition is part of the renewal strategy in Yahoo! Marissa Mayer, turning the company into the smartphones. few weeks ago became the tool of social recommendations, Jybe.

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