Yahoo! buying OnTheAir to offer its own video service

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Few hours ago has confirmed the purchase of OnTheAir by Yahoo! . It is a small startup in just nine months and five workers that allowed users to create videoconferencing over the Internet, which could be viewed by a group of people interested and comment from social networks.

“When we started OnTheAir, had dreams of building a company that will make a difference in the daily lives of millions. Our purpose was defiantly put together until late nights. We debated intensely. We worked like crazy to build a product that we were proud to put our name”.

So begins the message offered by OnTheAir after purchase on its website, which now goes to stop offering videoconferencing services to focus on Yahoo!. The five team members will become part of the workforce in the company

The final purchase figure has not been relieved for now, even more information about the deal done.What we do know is that Marissa Mayer is behind all this strategy and, following a statement by a Yahoo! spokeswoman confirms that no existing product offering .

Yahoo! wants to regain market share and delivering service to the competition, perhaps approaching the videoconferencing service of Google, Hangouts. Will we see a new conferencing service soon?

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