Xperia Link, share Internet between Sony Xperia smartphones and tablets has never been easier

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Sony has posted on Google Play the Xperia Link application .This ingenious software can share the data connection of a smartphone Xperia Sony tablets with the Japanese. At first glance it may seem a tool to perform what is known astethering , but its performance is much fuller which aims to simplify the process to a minimum. Here we detail its operation.

Normally, in the tablet market the opportunity to acquire find models with and without 3G connectivity . However, the premium device that prints to this type of connectivity and the ability to connect the tablet to the internet with the smartphone’s data connection through popular and functional tethering have enhanced the customer will side with the version “only WiFi “.Sony wants to pamper these customers with a solution that facilitates these connections with Xperia Link .

Exclusive application for Sony Xperia devices

Xperia Link is available on Google Play for all Sony Xperia with Android 2.3 operating system on and for all tablets sold so far. As we advance, the application supports the use of tethering, a tool available in almost all smartphones sold all for a while. However, the configuration process and smartphone synchronization since we share the Internet connection and the device you want to pair can still be improved. A sample application is Sony.


Xperia Link not only allows tethering between Sony Xperia smartphones and tablets, but also simplifies and facilitates the connection of these in a matter of seconds, and offers advantages not available in the standard tool included in the system, in this case Android. As we can see in the video, the requirement is that both devices have the application installed and maintained active Bluetooth connection. Thus, tablet and smartphone can automatically synchronize after setting to match them. Perhaps many see little or no advantage here, but the application is installed on the tablet allows you to turn the tethering via a widget on the home screen. In this way, we avoid the navigate the phone menu and activate the function. The timing is such that it is not necessary to turn on the phone screen. Through the widget can initiate synchronization and subsequent sharing of the data connection. It also handles the Bluetooth encryption so no need to enter the password protecting the wireless WiFi curious.

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