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Rumors are still running around the Internet about how it will be the new console from Microsoft , the Xbox 720 . They are more careful with the information that has leaked, but we were able to recount what we know about the Xbox Durango .


Now we present some of the details that have been leaked on the technical specifications of the Xbox 720 and the PS4 , and we are monitoring the rumors that have surfaced about the two gaming consoles , but this time Foudry Digital has given these data, that although few, are far more truthful.

We know that the technology of Xbox 720 graphics is art, which is used in the Pixar films . As discussed the Microsoft console will be called Xbox Durango  and apparently will risk with DirectX 11 for home consoles. And what had been said to 8GB of DDR3 RAM and 3 GB internal memory for the operating system.

One of the surprises that could bring the Xbox Durango would use Skype at the same time as the game, showing once again that will power Microsoft’s console.

They are still rumors and Bill Gates company still keeps his greatest secret, when launched to the market the Xbox 720 .

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