Xbox 720 does not allow the use of second-hand games

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The February 20 Sony will be showcasing the future of PlayStation , we could be sure that it is a new home console and the start of the new generation as well. Microsoft also is very close to doing the same, and their Next Xbox already heard, after a recent leak of features and all the rumors also point to his presentation this year. However, the latest rumor about this console Redmond talks about blocking used games on Xbox 720, alarming news.

While it is true that the second hand market should affect sales for developers and for the company as such, this has been a lifetime and for many people (especially in Latin American territory where games reach exorbitant prices) is an opportunity to games get better prices, rent or simply share with a friend .

Microsoft would implement a technology that would require a constant internet connection in order to log into the database of the serial company of each game that we introduce in the console, and attach to it, so used games on Xbox 720 would be linked only and exclusively for our apparatus.

This would be unfortunate and much harm to a large group of users, and that would be a total and absolute pressure , forcing always buy a new game, whether it be a recent release or something that has been released three or four years ago is irrelevant.

In my opinion, this measure to help the hurt development studies. Consider the following example:

Imagine that this measure had been implemented on Xbox 360 and is about to hit the market the gameGears of War 3 , part of a saga. In my case, I would play the two previous titles to be aware of the whole story, but being old games, for more than five years, it would be very difficult to get into the market without question a second hand game used, so maybe I forget the series altogether.

My point is that by blocking the used game market in Xbox 720 also affect sales of new games, and achieve that great titles from previous years will be forgotten, unless the company continues to produce the mass, which is almost impossible to take into account new developments.

In addition, in the event that Sony does not implement blocking resale in the next PlayStation , Xbox 720 would lose a lot of potential buyers who would be tempted by this quality on the Sony console. This simply is not the most effective and accurate to drive sales. Hopefully no more than a rumor.

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