Xbox 720 could occur during event in April 2013

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With nothing officially confirmed, it is said that Xbox 720 will be released on April 26 , in an event organized by Microsoft.



Last week was launched on PlayStation 4 in New York , confirming speculation that took place since last year about the new Sony console, in order to continue to maintain its popularity over the competition, it is likely to see more about the new computer game created by Microsoft.

It is expected that Microsoft executives talk more about it during the event Game Developers Conference , to be held within a few weeks, as reported in the TechRadar site.

While this is not 100% guaranteed, the same source said that there are strong chances that Xbox 720 is shown the world before the famous E3 conference, which is scheduled for May.

This is so that in the event focused on video games, is present in more detail how to play Xbox 720 without having to emphasize both technical details of this new product and leave those for its official launch, emphasizing that Sony never showed the final design of PlayStation 4 during his presentation last week.

However, critics say that this was a deliberate move by Sony for Microsoft to completely trust and present your product, adding fuel to the fire of this intense rivalry for both companies and giving greater credence on rumors of Xbox 720 being presented in the right way.

Do you think we’ll see a 720 Xboz soon? We are aware of the details and we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

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