Xbox 720 could come at Christmas, 2013

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Microsoft could present its Xbox 720 at E3 and announce its release in late 2013.

We continue with the rumors of Xbox 720 , Durango or whatever you want to call it, in short, the next console from Microsoft that, at this point, we find it so familiar and so fashionable. Not only could meet the technical specifications if the rumors become true, but also would be speaking, a year earlier than its release date .

Again we have to treat it as a rumor, it is not more than that. According to the site Bloomberg , several people close to the work of Microsoft have said that the company was thinking of launching its next generation console sometime between the holidays of Thanksgiving Day and Christmas in North America , is, exactly within one year. Of course if it’s a lie, is a fairly low risk.

Another rumor already rung is strongly X720 presenting at E3 2013 , nothing that anyone who is a bit up in the ‘scene’ is no longer imagined, but good.


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