Xbox 720 console is always connected to Internet

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Despite that follow the rumors of Xbox 720 with permanent Internet connection, not been confirmed nor denied nothing by official sources to time.



However, the creative director of Microsoft Studios seems to have confirmed this potential feature of the new Xbox via Twitter.

Adam Orth, that as already mentioned, is directive in Microsoft Studios, has commented in Twitter with respect to criticism and negative opinions that have been generated by the rumor that Xbox 720could be a console that requires be connected always Internet:

” Sorry, but I do not understand the drama that has been generated by having a console connected all the time, all current device requires internet connection. This is the world in which we live and must of accept it “.

However, we can not say whether this was a way to simply silence the fans who criticize the possibility of a change in the management of Xbox as known to date, or if indeed we can expect a console attached to the connection to Internet.

According to Kotaku, if is true that Xbox 720 need Internet to run in its entirety, the games and applications may not be initiates; in case of that the connection is interrupted during the course of play, can be followed with the departure for three minutes until you start the task manager seeking to restore the connection.

Despite that the community gamer believes that this is unnecessary and impractical, the fact that these speculations on Xbox 720 , along with that partial official confirmation, seems be that is something not that take so lightly.

However, recently the CEO of Gamestop mentioned that Xbox 720 is a console very promising , by what (hope that) possibly will come with specifications that outdone to more than one and that the continue maintaining in its site popularity so stable as the that current Xbox 360.

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