X Motorola Android 5.0 and cross-carrier for the Google I / O – Rumor

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Already for days the Google I / O is becoming the center of several rumors, from the output of the Google Glass and the submission of a new Nexus LG’s hand along with a new 7.7-Nexus “ , but more striking, in my opinion, is this new rumor that another shooting takes more to reality that possibility, and is now discussing the formal presentation of the acclaimed X or X Motorola Phone that once commented here, but not only would a team to present and now, but also carry within it the newest of Google in all aspects.


The new rumor is focused on a single event and on a computer, the Google I / O and X Motorola Phone , speaking of the official presentation of it, which would be a super team with 5 “display of hand Motorola and Google without Nexus family, question why most of LG rumored as Nexus OEM Motorola that, followed to this is the fact of being the first device with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and above with a distribution structure of cross-carrier , and all within a single event that will be held from 15 to 17 March, very soon indeed.

Now let’s see every detail, firstly if this goes the way you say would be the first performance of a new version of Android without star team, in other words, the first time you submit a version on a computer that was not a Nexus, and it is this detail which suggests that if it would at the end of a Nexus, but rumors like LG working on Nexus 5 everything becomes a little confusing and uncertain, but, remembering previous rumors, it could be a Google launching new strategy teams of various OEM Nexus while starting right now with only two, LG and Motorola, to see how the market acts to this initiative of the big G.


Another detail is what is called cross-carrier or multi-operator, ie, higher availability in the marketwithout Verizon exclusivity as usual, leaving the field full of freedom and ease of obtaining just throw the computer is achieved, but Better yet would be in the detail that now might be a team of high quality available ne several continents officially, as happens with the RAZR RAZR M i , teams  form factor the same, but with different characteristics for each region as well restricted availability.

Besides the above there is the issue of system development very close to the level Pure Android as seen in the Nexus equipment, perhaps an improved interface , something like what he did in theMotorola RAZR HD i and where the interface was very approached to what Google has Android, obviously with their own details of the big M, but certainly less invasive than with Motoblur which in its time was only a full load to the system and not allowing optimal system performance.

The sum of each detail makes the X Phone or Motorola X one of the biggest bets in the mobile market Motorola’s hand as a company of Google, now if all this were to be the way the question arises would be if there is a new movement to infiltrate Google’s new family of parallel computers to the Nexus to freshen the industry, and it also has the potential for development is in response to high prices Current teams throwing with a very low price on par with the Nexus 4 but with more features which does not sound unreasonable, much less impossible.


Surely enough is expected of this team, but as the whole environment is maintained by ” bickering“users expect the best of both, so whatever equipment or software must be sufficiently unveil outstanding to make users forget details about the rumors.

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