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The search engine allows you to write by hand, no keyboard, directly on the mobile phone screen

Some people are not suited to the keyboard -no physical keys, touch screens. And situations, such as the sand of a concert or standing on the subway, which is very difficult to type accurately . So Google has added a new way of searching: writing by hand on the screen of your smartphone.

The new option is available for all types of mobile devices with touchscreen. Phones and tablets. But has to be activated in the configuration. To do this you must visit http://www.google.com from the smartphone’s browser and click on “Settings” at the bottom of the page. Among the multiple options is that of activate the «Scripture Touch» .


This method of writing is in addition to traditional typing and voice recognition , a technology that gets more and more followers. Probably not reap a spectacular success, and become the first choice for many people, but there are situations where it becomes the most comfortable.

To use the tactile writing have to click the icon (a small g) to appear in the bottom right of the screen. From there, one can only write. Although the easiest way is word for word , the system is able to recognizewhole words . As usual, the search will propose alternatives as characters are introduced, to be no need to finish writing.

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