World’s smallest Semiconductor lasers

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This is demonstrated by a group of researchers from China, Taiwan and the United States.Physicists have succeeded in developing the semiconductor world’s smallest laser . A breakthrough in photonics technology that may have potential applications of computers to medicine.According to researchers at the University of Texas, in collaboration with colleagues from Taiwan and China, mean that the laser nanolaser device is so small that you can see at a glance.

The importance in its development should be understood in its future implications of the different materials . 

According to physicists:

“The miniaturization of semiconductor laser is key to the development of photon-based technology, for faster, smaller and lower power consumption. Thus we ultrafast computer chips, high-sensitivity biosensors for the detection, treatment and study of diseases or even for the next generation of communication technologies”.

Photonic devices could use the nanolaser to generate optical signals and transmit information coming to have the potential to replace the electronics .

Even so, the size and performance of photonic devices have a problem or barrier known as the optical diffraction limit in 3D . This is described as,the limitation in the capacity of optical instruments to distinguish between two objects separated by a distance of less than about half the length of one wavelength of light used in the image of a sample.

And this is where the research team claims to have discovered a way around that barrier.According to them:

“We have developed a device that operates nanolaser well below the diffraction limit in 3D. We believe our research could have a major impact in nanoscale technologies. The XXI century is the century of light”.

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