Windows Server 2012 RTM begins to send to manufacturers

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Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Server 2012, your server operating system has already been completed and will start shipping to manufacturers. The company explained that the software is complete and ready so you can begin to implement on machines that will sell at launch.

   Microsoft recently confirmed that the development of Windows 8 was over and had begun sending manufacturers a version ‘released to manufacturing’ (RTM) so they could integrate into the team ahead of its release on Oct. 26. Similarly, Microsoft has been working for your server solution, Windows Server 2012 was also completed.

   The company has had their time again and has confirmed that Windows Server 2012 is ready. “The final code is complete and we are giving our hardware partners and software this week,” the company explained in a statement. In addition, Microsoft customers will also receive the RTM version of Windows Server 2012 in the coming days.

   The official release date for Windows Server 2012 is the 4 September, when Microsoft has explained that the system will be available worldwide.The company is preparing an event for the release of Windows Server 2012 for explaining all the possibilities and developments of his system, which stands for betting on technology in the cloud.

   “You can learn more about the features and capabilities of Windows Server 2012 through contact with experts and peers,” said Microsoft in relation to the event being planned.

   Finally, the Microsoft team has expressed his satisfaction for having completed the development of Windows Server 2012, the distribution of RTM completes its process of creation. “We thank the thousands of users who have given their opinion and guidance throughout the design and construction process,” the Redmond indicated in its statement.

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