Windows Server 2012: cap on a Cloud OS

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The new version was launched on 4 September.Management server and network virtualization is significantly improved in terms of capacity and in terms of simplified administration.VMware is in sight.

Launched on September 4, Windows Server 2012is presented by Microsoft as a Cloud OS . This is the concept that dropped Trédan Jerome, director of the Server and Tools division at Microsoft France, during the press conference at the headquarters of the French subsidiary in Issy-les-Moulineaux.Propose a system capable of integrating server architectures to private cloud, public cloud (aroundAzure in particular) and / or hybrid cloud. With the key applications based on computing resources, storage and virtualized network and shared for more agility, but also accessible from anywhere (eg by leveraging VDI).This is the publisher’s product vision with this new platform.

To achieve this vision, Microsoft provides a common development environment for Windows Server and Azure. ” Visual Studio can develop an application once and deploy it to the cloud of their choice, whether private or public. And we are also able to host on Azure PHP or Java environments, “said Jerome Trédan. Added to this is an administration tool common to both worlds, System Center , but also a single directory management access rights ( Active Directory ), as a virtualization solution ( Hyper-V ) and a base ( SQL Server ), also common.Microsoft’s goal: to provide the best possible DSI gateway to its public cloud offering.

But this gateway can it apply also to other public clouds? “It is not limited to Azure” loose Stanislas Quastana architect within the division Server and Tools at Microsoft France. “To activate, just why a host that leans to Windows Server has installed the Service Provider Framework will be available in a few weeks with SP1 System Center. It will then be able to welcome its cloud of virtual instances of Windows Server from its customers. “

At the WPC, Microsoft had prepared the ground by announcing new integration of several services Windows Server Azure useful for hosts: the service IaaS Hosted VM (for hosting virtual machines on demand), management Multi-tenant (with Windows Azure Web Sites High-density ), and a portal service ( Service Management Portal ) to manage operations. VMware “main competitor” on the Windows Server 2012 offers

Microsoft continues to build an edifice which we are beginning to understand better and better contours. Giant intends to offer CIOs a platform of integrated Cloud and a new type of ecosystem hosting partners and publishers can also take the value of its new platform for hybrid cloud.Positioning against which VMware, called “main competitor” by Microsoft itself, might have a hard time advancing against arguments.

When you look under the hood, Windows Server 2012 offers several interesting developments. The first of them? This is undoubtedly the ability to migrate multiple virtual machines simultaneously hot between multiple host servers. The corresponding storage system which, in turn, stay on the bay, or also be migrated to another bay or another disk also hot. “WithWindows Server 2008 R2 , it was necessary to deploy a cluster of servers to manage this process, “said Stanislas Quastana. Capabilities of Hyper-V (version 3) also rise in power: bodies now support up to 64 virtual processors against four previously, and their ability to pass teras 64.

While leaning on Hyper-V, Windows Server 2012 also introduces a manager plan recovery. With the key to the ability to easily set up a replication server, possibly based on a remote site, and identify restoration ponds. A virtual storage bay and VDI Beyond virtualization, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 takes advantage of for s introduce two new areas.The storage first, with the ability to create instances of virtual storage, capable of accommodating additional disks to hot. “We propose the equivalent of a storage array at low cost,” insists Stanislas Quastana.Then Microsoft advance his pawns on the generation of virtual desktops , so far preserve its partner Citrix Windows Server 2012 facilitates the creation of effective institutions clients, managing their application and system configurations, their provisioning server their allocation to user groups by type …

Many other developments are put forward by Microsoft. Include pell-mell: remote administration of Windows Server (with dashboard alerts, inventory management, configuration, reboot remote …) 2300 commands PowerShell preparameters to industrialize shares administration, a more flexible management of network settings (DHCP, DNS, IP address, server group …), a system of provisioning of SSL certificates , as well as the ability to create virtualized pools comprising multiple NICs.

For now, Windows Server 2012 is available in two versions with the same functionality: Standard and Datacenter . The first is limited to support two virtual machines, while the second offers unlimited capacity. Two extra editions, targeting SMEs, are expected by the end of the year.

configuration, reboot remote …) 2300 commands PowerShell preparameters  to industrialize shares administration, a more flexible management of network settings (DHCP, DNS, IP address, server group …), a system of provisioning of SSL certificates , as well as the ability to create virtualized pools comprising multiple NICs.

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