Windows Phone overtakes BlackBerry as the third mobile platform

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Microsoft starts receiving positive news about its mobile platform. For the first time, and thanks largely to sales of smartphones Nokia Lumia, Windows Phone operating system has achieved BlackBerry snatch third place in the market for mobile operating systems.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone

According to resources, during the first quarter of 2013, the platform of the Redmond company, who has been struggling to be a major player in the mobile market, has managed to secure a share of 3.2%, compared to 2% of the period last year.Meanwhile, the operating system of the Canadian company, which this year released platform (the BB10), fell to 2.9%. A far cry from the 6.4% share of that market was a year ago.

Between January and March, were sold worldwide seven million smartphones with Windows Phone (four million more than in the same quarter of 2012).

However, Android accounts for an overwhelming share of 75%, and the operating system from Apple, iOS, 17.3%. Both companies control 92.3% of the market. According to IDC, the total number of smartphones distributed (216 million), nearly 200 worked with Android or iOS.

The consultant justified Windows Flip Phone-still insufficient to say that the duopoly Google / Apple has come a real rival Nokia’s bet on the Microsoft operating system. One strategy, however, has earned the Finnish manufacturer strongly criticized by some of its shareholders.

The data above show that the position of Google and Apple is hard to beat, put on the table the last war between Microsoft and Blackberry to show that there is room in the market for a third mobile platform and that his will to win .


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