Windows Phone 8 will screen calls and SMS

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Many users of Windows Phone 8 are still waiting for the latest update released by Microsoft , known as GDR2 whose initials refer to General Distribution Release 2. This delivery comes as standard on some models like the Nokia Lumia 925 or Nokia Lumia 1020 , has also begun to reach the Samsung ATIV S and is expected to support other models receive it soon. With this release, Microsoft improves some existing bugs and adds some improvements, but the truth is that it is not an update that highlights precisely for their news. The resources has published an interesting news that developer collects the discovery of Cat Walking dubbed Windows Phone 8 GDR2 hides a function that had gone unnoticed in previous analysis: the ability to block calls or text messages.

Social networking and messaging services often have the option of blocking contacts you do not want to talk, or for people who are bothering us. However, the phone calls do not allow similar locking type and often calls we face commercial or advertising messages that do not interest us at all. Microsoft have developed a system that allows you to filter both calls and text messages in order to choose who you can call and who not. For example we could block a specific number and so would cease to receive your calls, but we could also set other parameters as they lock all hidden identity numbers or all those who are not saved on our agenda of contacts. With text messaging could do exactly the same, very useful to block advertising campaigns often use this way to communicate.



However, resources warn that this function still remains hidden, that is, users who have an updated phone Windows Phone 8 GDR2 no access to this interesting feature. Microsoft has simply enter the code that allows operation , but have not created an interface to manage it. The reason for not taking advantage of this service is that it would be designed for developers to launch their own applications this advantage. It is possible that in the near future see a tool that allows us to filter the numbers you can contact us.

This is, without doubt, the most interesting feature of the update GDR2 , is a sentence that is not yet operational because it would have increased the interest in this new release. The functions that can enjoy themselves after the upgrade include control of mobile data consumption Data Sense, FM radio, you can select the camera application that we like (does not have to be the default one), greater stability in voice applications like Skype and improved compatibility with content in HTML5 through the integrated browser (Internet Explorer).

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