Windows Phone 8 will have rapid growth, analysts predict

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Despite poor sales so far, the Windows Phone 8 is set to consolidate its place as the “third platform” – behind Google and Apple – the next five years, analysts have predicted Ovum and Gartner.

Ovum predicts that Microsoft’s mobile OS will rise from 4.5% of the market in 2012 to 13% in 2017, piggybacking on a marketing campaign which recorded $ 1 billion to increase its visibility among consumers.

The money will help mobile operators and developers to engage with an operating system that has been largely ignored them until now. But it is the integration of the software with other Microsoft platforms – Windows 8 and the Xbox system – is what will begin to deliver much of the improvement, says Ovum.

“Although there is very little wrong with the software, its design is significantly different from the status quo interface ‘grid apps’ common user, and this change is a perceived risk to potential customers,” said Nick Dillon , senior analyst at Ovum. While launches Windows Phone 8 – in the eyes of some analysts is his first major competitor, given the immaturity of previous versions – this is the kind of optimistic news that Microsoft will be happy to hear.

Gartner is also reportedly optimistic about Windows Phone 8, predicting that the platform could rise from the current 17.4 million global users to over 200 million by 2016In the same period, Android will hit one billion users, while Apple has drastically reduced to a base of about 266 million.

Assuming that still exists, RIM’s BlackBerry has dropped to 23 million in the same time. The others will have to stay with the crumbs.

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