Windows Phone 8 may only use official ROM’S

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For the past couple of weeks has run the rumor that it would be possible to create and install ROMs on phones with future operating system Windows Phone 8 , so it would seem in this respect to Android. But finally, this option is not possible, since it has been known as the security provided by the Microsoft development permitting.

I mean, that’s bad news for users, who generally exploring the possibilities of their devices using ROMS, but are good news for companies , always aware that their safety profiles in both computers as phone or tablet as good as possible.

Great security in Windows Phone 8 platform

The truth is that what has been known by Pocketnow in the security section of Windows Phone 8 is really interesting. For starters, the encryption system is implemented in all sections of the terminal , including operating system and applications. Furthermore, the encryption system is used TMP 2.0 (which implements a master key to produce chips, which is used in Windows phones 8 .This is already a first barrier to install ROMs .

Furthermore, it seems the most important chips are marked as type “read only” ,  and can only be accessed with the specific key. To accomplish this, the firmware uses a UEFI environment , it reads the boot device applications that have valid keys to be executed … and, here, includes the operating system. That is, security is very high.

With this, you can understand that the unofficial ROMs, which usually do not have the appropriate keys and signatures can not be executed in the environment of the operating system Windows Phone 8 … The upside of this is that the virus attacks (for Indeed, in this section has its own sandbox) will almost completely repulsed by this system of protection, which is always good news.

This means that Microsoft has implemented an excellent security system in its next operating system, most likely, is likely to prevent implementation of third-ROMs or unauthorized applications.

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