Windows Phone 7.8 will not be entitled to in-app purchases

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The announcement of Windows Phone 8 , or the recent revelations caused by the leakage of the SDK system showed that Microsoft had big plans for the next generation of smartphones. The more difficult question is to know now to what extent these new products will be repackaged into Windows Phone 7.8, aka the last update for the current generation of Windows phones.

As a reminder, Windows Phone 8 is an important technological switches to Microsoft. The mobile system will have the same basis as in Windows 8 and a large proportion of the same API. Smart phones are not equipped for such a change, they will receive an interim update includes some new functions, but not the base and not the specific applications when they come out.

Gradually, as the launch date of Windows phones 8 approaches, new information becomes available, particularly in the technical documentation . We learn that a major new Windows Phone 8, namely the in-app purchases (additions to existing applications), will be reserved for the new system. The current smartphones equipped with the 7.8 version therefore will not qualify.

 However, The Verge highlights another point, connected to the in-app purchases. Within Windows Phone 8 is the Wallet, ie the digital portfolio, which is responsible for these purchases. Since the current Windows phones do not qualify for in-app purchases and they are no more equipped with NFC (for contactless payments), it is likely that the wallet itself is not present. Confirmation was requested from Microsoft, but the firm still has not responded.

 Note that Microsoft remains to be clarified many gray areas about his system. The publisher has promised to revisit the subject to indicate not only the rest of the news, but what exactly will include Windows Phone 7.8. With in-app purchases soared, however, one approaches a version mainly based on the new Start Screen.

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