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Microsoft has announced the availability of the new version of its Windows Intune . It is a service designed especially for medium and large companies based in the cloud that provides centralized security and management of all devices connected to the network centrally, and includes the ability to deployWindows 7 Enterprise across all devices (this service is automatically updated to Windows 8 Enterprise when the new system version Microsoft is available). We tell you the major developments that the company has included in Windows Intune .

The great advantage of Windows Intune is that it assumes a useful platform for easy deployment of Windows in enterprise networks, and that lightens the time and resources in IT to carry out these tasks.Windows Intune manages security updates equipment, an important premise to avoid security breaches in the company. The new version has introduced Microsoft and is already available includes some added feature to the functions of this platform, capable of managing in unison to 7,000 devices on one account.

Windows IntuneFirst, it is noteworthy that has renewed the interface of the center console to improve ease of use thereof.In addition, it has also implemented the system configuration of alerts with the ability to manage them individually or several at a time from the center console and improved visibility and identification of the most important alerts. Another aspect designed to facilitate the use of this platform is the existence of new templates through which to create safety guidelines for network computers. In line with this effort to improve usability, the new version of the platform allows users to add new PCs to be managed withWindows Intune and also remove those devices that are no longer needed in the network. Microsoft is aware of the relevance are becoming mobile devices within a business ecosystem. The use of smartphones is growing among users and are often used to access corporate email.

Windows Intune automatically discovers mobile devices that access corporate data through Microsoft Exchange Server . Once discovered, the devices are automatically attached to the users . In the event of the loss or theft of your smartphone, you can set the automatic deletion of data from the devicemanager through IT or allow them to be the users themselves to erase the contents of the phone.

Furthermore, it allows users to install apps on the mobile ecosystem that are part of internal business applications . Ultimately, the company has improved Windows key aspects of its platform to meet growing demands as greater flexibility in managing teams or the inclusion of smartphones in the daily dynamics of the company.

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