Windows developers can use Phone Paypal as a payment method

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The arrival of Windows Phone Dev Center, brings a lot of improvements and benefits for developers , Microsoft hopes to encourage the creation of applications for its mobile platform, Windows Phone and seriously compete in a market dominated by IOS broadly and Android.


One of the new options and, at least from my point of view, one of the most interesting is the possibility of using Paypal as a payment method in the applications available on the Windows Phone Marketplace, so you no longer need a credit card. All this thanks to the insistence of the developers, who have long asked for this option.

Among other things, also added an option for developers to set different prices for their applications depending on the country where you intend to buy, something I think is totally fair and also opens up more opportunities for sales if prices are set using the proper test . Payments through Paypal can be made in USD (U.S. dollars), GBP (pounds sterling) and KWD (Kuwaiti Dinar).

Microsoft’s strategy for the launch of Windows Phone 8 really look good, especially considering that as Paypal payment options are not available in stores application of its main competitors, although they can offer a great benefit, not only developers but also to us as users.

Recall that the release of Windows Phone 8 is scheduled for October 26 post. Although Windows Phone devices currently on the market can not upgrade to this version, if you will have the small improvements made to Windows Phone 7.8

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