Windows Blue, the start of the revolution Microsoft updates

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Microsoft plans (correctly) amend the schedule in which their products are updated. The main change is that from Windows Blue , each product will have its own life cycle. So far the release dates and product updates from Microsoft formed a very complex calendar, and Windows Blue will be the beginning of a new cycle of upgrades with more launches per year and integrating many Microsoft products.

Wnidows Blue

Wnidows Blue

What exactly is Windows Blue?

Windows Blue originally going to be a feature-pack that would bring new to Windows 8 and Windows RT this fall. Windows Blue, however, is far more ambitious than an update for a single product, as it will include a new dynamic updates to a number of other products that are part of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Windows Blue is the first update of this new dynamic, and will include new features (many still unspecified) in Windows, as a new kernel or Internet Explorer 11 . Little else is known so far about Windows Blue as specific product, while changing update cycle seems more than clear. Moving further to the consumer subscription models for certain products (such as Office) facilitates this change of philosophy.

Blue Windows: more frequent updates and cheaper

This new dynamic updates would be more similar to the Windows Live family took a while, with “waves” that were coming gradually to all the services that were part of it. Windows Blue will be the first “wave” of this new cycle , that affect the ecosystem of Microsoft products in full: Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone, Windows Server,, SkyDrive and Bing, to give some examples.

The idea is to launch a new operating system loaded every three years, a new version of Office charged with another ring other news, a new version of Windows Phone every X time with new features, and each following their own calendar. The idea is closer to release updates that include updates on the entire family of Microsoft products, with less time between them (annual cycles) and lower cost if you have it.

Windows 8

These updates would go well beyond what is now known as service packs (which are limited to be cumulative with all patches released so far) and would apply not an exact date, but in a relatively short (and I bet with staggered distribution by geographical area). The really interesting part of this new cycle of updates is that completely changes the way that Microsoft develops and launches products and services .

Let’s take an example. If we save the break which led Vista (five years after the launch of XP) and XP anomalous cycle, about every three years, launched a new version of Windows. A new version of the platform to complete with a team focused on rare release updates and many changes between them.From Blue’s idea is to launch a full upgrade every year and, in addition, be able to be via Windows Store.

And yes, the strategy is very similar to Apple’s OS X: release updates (free or paid) more frequently , using its own software distribution platform, and incidentally saving move by the manufacturers. Because Apple launches its own computers and their system specifically designed for them, but Microsoft traditionally releases a compilation RTM of Windows and prays that the manufacturers release time their computers with their operating systems.

Obviously, with more frequent updates Microsoft may be more up to date , especially noting the clearly more frequent releases of its jurisdiction, and add new features according to market demands.Microsoft has not said anything about Windows Blue, although recent jobs have made ​​it as a fact to see also in not too long. Of course, no doubt that we will look at everything related to this issue.

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