Windows and Android bid for touchscreens

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IFA , as SIMO Madrid, has changed over time. Since 1924, the year of its first edition, the German show has been a meeting dedicated to technology. Then, the radio was the center of attention. Now, to cross the threshold of the enclosure must be passed by a giant washing machine drum. In Berlin meets all art pottery with appliances, hence the claim of the door, the pavilions with microwaves and refrigerators and some concern about the energy consumption that until recently were the hallmarks of the event and each time are more dilute. Only the Japanese Panasonic excels in its commitment green , beyond fashion.

If CES in Las Vegas is the beginning of the year, with all the news for spring, quotation mark German Christmas trends. Since Friday it has opened its doors to Wednesday September 5 is expected to exceed the 250,000 visitors. Obviously, the number is justified because the fair is open to the public, instead of being sealed to the professionals.

The battle to grab headlines made the first presentation was on Wednesday afternoon. Sony opened fire with Kazuo Hirai, chief executive, as master of ceremonies. He scored three basic lines of business: entertainment, mobile and digital imaging. In a speech full of sincerity, even said “we have to be critical and honest with us and regain the smile of the people” and appealed, so in the wake of Apple, to emotions: “We want to bring a smile to people” .

Although little is said about video games, Sony put the focus on Wonderbook one technology of reality augmented to release .Rowling , the creator of Harry Potter. Similar to their laptops and mobile phones, the Japanese company debuts touchscreen computers and different designs: with handle, folding, hybrid … The range of Xperia phones is growing, not only with Xperia T, to be the phone of James Bond, but also the most affordable, J. The current Sony tablet successor will, more rejuvenated, thinner and with a wide range of accessories. Be called Xperia and outside Google’s need to make your operating system up to provide the tablet includes a software profiling allowing leave the classroom without fear of anyone pry the files that should not.

Lenovo and Dell also have an eye on the computers. The first Google maintains a balance between tablet and the future Windows 8 on laptops Think Pad. The second attempt to stay afloat with prices as claim for lack of better designs to attract the general public. Keep rain tablet, computer or not convertible into, with Android or the upcoming Windows 8. They are more than a trend, is a desperate measure by standing up to Apple and its computers and tablets. If you have Windows Mobile very difficult, perhaps not as many mobile computers because they are still forming alternatives to iPad, even domain with.

The apple company is another major player, as always absent and present at the same time. Not intervene, not present, but the possibility of mid-month and submit a new iPhone makes many of the newly released mobile pass background. Not to mention the many manufacturers offering accessories for its products.

Not only Samsung renews its mobile catalog. Also suggest the Korean LG and Taiwan’s HTC, Android’s hand, with more generous screens, batteries supposedly more durable and audio improvements.

But Google’s operating system goes further. In his silent conquest of home entertaining is the mastermind of a camera and the Samsung TVs.The idea in principle is good. In the TVs expands the scope of use and possibilities, while changing the way television consumption and emissions grill marked. With cameras and other gadgets that happen with the green robot OS looming as possibilities, like sharing online or retouch instantly, but also a lack of fluidity. The camera, for example, to adjust the parameters, but at the cost of slowing the shutter speed.

Dispersed or not, the fact is that Android is moving much faster than ApplePerhaps the apple has forever won the battle of the operating systems on tablets, but Google’s open system spans and equipment manufacturers, as with cameras and televisions, and no doubt that this old device remains key for home entertainment.

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