Windows 8 will use “Do Not Forward” by default in Internet Explorer 10

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Microsoft worked with W3C to allow the next version of its browser has the option “Do not follow” (DNT) by default and thus help increase the security of users.

This, despite the fears that many websites do ignore the instruction DNT and browsers and web access to the history of people.

But the work between the Redmond and W3C corroborated that people prefer to have a series of aggressive default privacy settings in your browser.

Thus, Microsoft provided information on how to operate the DNT option in Internet Explorer 10 and in turn, how to configure Windows 8.

Thus, we provide two configuration options to users, so you can choose between automatic adjustments Express or customize your own. If you opt for the former, you will see an “important notice” that the DNT is enabled on your PC, while the second will naturally allow you to toggle on or off DNT.

If IE10  is used in Windows 7, will receive a similar notice warning that the DNT option was enabled.

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