Windows 8 will bring the new system to rival Xbox Music iTunes and Spotify

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Microsoft wants to use the mighty muscle of Windows, the most used operating system in the world, to challenge Apple and Spotify in the music field with its new service , heir of the late Zune .

The company has announced Xbox Music , a digital music service to compete with services like iTunes, Spotify or Amazon music player, which will be available for Xbox this Tuesday and will be extended to Windows 8 , the new version of the system operation, which arrives October 26 .

Thus, according to Reuters, the service, which includes the ability to access more than 30 million songs (more than 26 million songs from iTunes) and 70 000 music videos available only on the Xbox, will also be accessible from the upcoming tablets with Microsoft’s system since the launch of Windows 8.

Also, the phones come later, and not just for Windows 8 Phone:Microsoft hopes to bring the service to iOS and Android next year .

The service, announced last summer , allows users to listen to music and create custom playlists for free-like Pandora and Spotify, for example, if they are willing to hear announcements from time to time. You can also subscribe to a version without ads for $ 9.99 a month . Users can also purchase and download songs.

Input, Xbox Music will be available in 22 countries in its paid version and 15 in the version of ‘streaming’ free advertising.

Through Xbox

The world’s largest maker of ‘software’ has been trying for years to make the room the family entertainment center through its Xbox game console.Over 67 million units have been sold since 2005 .

Year and a half ago the company acknowledged that Xbox users spend more than half their time in front of the console using entertainment services rather play video games, according Xbox Music manager, Jerry Johnson.

The landing of this service to Xbox first, and then to Windows 8 (with the millions of users that account), will pressure companies like Spotify, who has taken four years to collect about 15 million active users and more than four million paid subscribers.

The company does not fear that there are problems with antitrust authorities in the U.S. or the EU in the future, unlike what happened 12 years ago with the browser Internet Explorer, Windows included by default.

According to the Redmond giant, the market has evolved since then and there are many users who are already customers of services like iTunes, Spotify and Pandora they access from their phones and tablets, as well as their computers. That is, users have several alternative options .

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