Windows 8: Top or flop?

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A month after the release of Windows 8 (and its cousin Windows Tablet RT), the hour of the initial assessment. Overall, it is rather worrying for Microsoft.

40 million licenses sold

This figure was announced two days ago by Microsoft, looks good40 million a month, it’s better than 60 million Windows 7 in twoIs it licenses sold to consumers or shops? How much for partnerships in business? Microsoft refuses to provide any details, Ballmer speaking simply a welcome “fantastic.” With updates starting at 15 euros, it was not until the end of the promotional program in January to get a better idea of the actual enthusiasm for Windows 8 while many consumers are happy with Windows 7 .

PC sales down 21%

This is the most disturbing figure. According to sources, during the first four weeks of marketing the new OS from Microsoft, Windows machines sales collapsed by 21% compared to the same period last year last (-24% for laptops and -9% for office).

This period does not include Black Friday and “Cyber Week” and Christmas should probably boost sales. But for now, the release of Windows 8 does not seem to have managed to reverse the trend.

Competition raised

Windows 8 comes out in the “post-PC” announced by Steve JobsOptimized for touch, it represents the last chance for Microsoft to get back in the race on the shelves. So far, Apple reigned as master on the market. But in the last quarter, the share of the iPad has dropped to 55%, against 44% for Android, boosted by the success of the Kindle Fire, the Nexus 7 and multiple tablets from Samsung. If the mini iPad would allow Apple to resist, Android could take the lead in 2013 as it did on smartphone , according to ABI Research .

For Microsoft, tablet sales are currently not really encouraging. According to sources, they accounted for only 1% of Windows machines passed last month. It is that tablets manufactured by partners Microsoft because the company did not provide figures for its home machine, Surface-RT a prior because they are very weak. Microsoft will play big with Surface Pro , which may, on paper, replacing a PC (because you can install programs and not just traditional apps like her sister).

The success of tablets has two possible explanations: they are not expensive, less than 500 euros and are ultra-portable and tactile. At 900 grams and 1,000 euros with a keyboard, Microsoft has chosen to position Surface Pro compete with Ultrabooks and the MacBook Air. Like them, their autonomy should lie between 4 and 5 hours. The consumer wants it a hybrid format of a large tablet with the performance of a mid-range PC but the price premium of a machine?Response in January.


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