Windows 8: the system would change activation key

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 Microsoft would change his way of assigning activation keys for its next operating system. This new process would reduce the risk of piracy of the OS.


For all owners on Windows, since version XP activation key is often associated with hair pulling when installing the operating system. The introduction of simple code on a new machine, the telephone call to the Microsoft call center in case of re-installation, not to mention the editions “family pack” has multiple keys, it is often a obstacle course.

Maligned, yet it has been designed in good faith by the Redmond company to avoid, first, that the serial number of the purchased product can be reused in a fraudulent manner, and, secondly, to Microsoft , you can authenticate and quantify the product used.

But despite the fact these precautions, many copies of the OS in circulation are illegal copies. Windows 8, Microsoft wants to fix up this problem and would launch a new way to activate Windows via the BIOS of the computer (see photo).

The information comes from the sources, and it explains that the publisher would require OEMs two things: the first would be to include a unique key on a card not included in the packaging of the DVD, or behind of the box, not on a sticker pasted on the computer but in the BIOS of each mounted equipment (manufacturers should apply electronically each activation key to Microsoft). Then, second operation, each mounted computer and its key features would be wearing a certificate of authenticity sticker type “Genuine Microsoft”.

At the installation of the operating system, it is unclear whether the user will seek to enter these codes, or the system will be automated. It is not known either whether this new procedure applies only to the OEM version of operating system or if it will be expanded commercial and final versions.

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