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With Windows 8, Microsoft has separated from old customs and integrated a new operating concept. The Modern Windows UI, Windows RT and other innovations provide a great need for information. Article provides answers to frequently asked questions. 

Windows chief Steven Sinofsky could be swayed, despite massive criticism: Windows 8 was actually delivered with the much-criticized fullscreen startup screen that shows wriggling squares called Live Tiles. It can be switched off or lease deal – at least with available materials.

Against this background, wondering even now users, whether it is worth the switch. It is also often difficult to separate rumors from facts. Experts answered the important questions.

Which versions of Windows 8 it?

Microsoft offers Windows 8 for x86/x64-CPUs in three versions: Windows 8, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro Enterprise.

The only “Windows 8” base version is called the successor of Windows 7 Starter (netbook version) and Windows 7 Home Premium. It was designed for the private use and therefore only allows the networking within the framework of working groups.

Who wants to join a Windows domain, mostly for corporate use, requires Windows 8 Pro. It offers the features of the standard version also file system encryption. The launch of a virtual disk, support for group policies, BitLocker and BitLocker to Go

The only through Volume Licensing programs available Windows 8 Enterprise has all the features of Windows 8 Pro. It also offers specific features that are of interest mainly for large companies: the use of USB flash drive, secure network without VPN via DirectAccess, Branch Cache Accelerator access and the ability to modern apps, bypassing the public marketplace to install.

In Europe there is also the N versions of Windows 8, which will be shipped without media player function. On its Web site offers Microsoft a comparison of the different versions.

What are the differences between Windows 8 and Windows RT?

In order to compete in the tablet can support Microsoft had the power saving ARM CPUs. The Windows version for ARM will be named Windows RT. Although the system looks at first glance looks just like the desktop version, but there is a crucial difference: None of the programs written for previous systems x86/x64-Programme can run underneath. It only run apps from the Windows Store.

With the built-in Windows Office 2013 RT is a port of the x86 variant, which must forego some features such as macros. Microsoft provides third-party but not the ability to port their applications to Windows RT.

Ensure the two surfaces and operating concepts for chaos not complete?

To put it bluntly, Windows 8 is very chaotic. Even as decades of Windows users, you will feel at first like a beginner. Finally, is the 95th to the biggest change since Windows Due to the change of the desktop on the design philosophy of the start screen, the entire system works, but compared to the pre-release much more harmonious. Anyone who enters into the operating concept is to find your way in a few days in the new Windows.

Can I still use my old software?

Despite the significantly redesigned interface Microsoft has not given up one of the strongest arguments for Windows: backward compatibility. Most of the recent Windows applications also works on Windows 8 Microsoft has released a tool provided that the compatibility of hardware and software checks.

Since Windows 8 is the first ever Windows has a built-in virus scanner, and some changes have occurred under the surface, it may alternate solutions to problems. AV Test has a list of compatible antivirus compiled.

How mature is Windows 8?

Windows 8 proves to be a practical test on different systems – from the atomic nettop up to the 6-core workstation as stable. In addition, the OS shows a very good response and therefore acts felt faster than Windows 7

But less about running the included apps such as email and Xbox Music. Sometimes there can be very long load times, crashes also occur from time to time.

How well does the mouse control?

In the pre-release versions of Windows 8, there were mouse operation of the new interface is still significant. In the course of development, Microsoft has reworked but neat. Important functions can be called, in which you move the mouse in one of the four corners of the display.The whole is initially a little unusual, but it goes liquid even after a few days of the hand.

Can the new full-screen interface or deal off?

The interface with its Live Tiles can be either defeat or off by default. After booting, you will be automatically directed there first. To call the classic desktop is sufficient, a single mouse click.

Who does not want to get the new interface but anyway hardly see. They can be stored in the still existing taskbar programs that can be launched with one click. Only to find the full-screen interface is forcibly used.

Who the new Start screen with Live Tiles absolutely do not like it and would rather preferred the classic start menu, you must use third-party tools. Start8 and Pokki are two examples of programs that enable the previously known start menu.

Where the classic Windows system settings to be found?

Who the touch-optimized control system use them because of the very limited scope of services like, you can fall back on the classic tools. They can be reached more quickly and easily than ever – if you ever make them found.

Right-click in the lower left corner of the screen displays a menu that contains all the relevant tools and features: Control Panel , Device Manager , Power Options , Programs and Compared to Windows 7 at best minimal cosmetic changes have been noted. Use of the functions should not be a problem. Right-clicking also works on the Home Screen.

Windows Store are also finding Desktop Apps?

In fact, the Windows Store and classic apps are found, such as Skydrive client from Microsoft.However, you can not download the programs. It is also unfortunate that there still is no single update infrastructure. While the Store apps are updated on a given mechanism, desktop programs still require a separate auto-updater – with negative consequences for ease of use and performance.

In which version the Windows Media Center is included?

(Watch and record) the remote-controlled full-screen interface with TV function is not in any Windows 8 version contain more. Microsoft has completely removed the feature, however. It is part of a feature pack for all users of Windows 8 to 31 per January 2013 free download available.After that Microsoft requires 9.99 euros. For the standard version of Windows 8, Microsoft is not the function of charge.

Since Media Center apparently is no more important issue for Microsoft, it was no longer being developed. The look is similar to the well-known variant of Windows 7 and no longer fits really to the minimalist style of Windows 7 Also, there are no new features.

Why Microsoft has removed the Media Center by default from Windows?

To play back the recorded TV shows and DVDs are needed paid codecs for Microsoft so far per copy of Windows must pay royalties. The Redmond-sparing bypass this cost by the Media Center feature is sold separately with the codecs. Windows 8 so that, for example, can play DVDs, PC manufacturers must license codecs and even integrate their systems.

Is there an alternative to the built-in Media Center codecs?

The remedy here is the free LAV codecs based on the ffmpeg open source software. They work from XP to Windows 8, and also master MPEG-4, WebM, VP8 and DivX (which solves all problems with HTML5 video formats in Chrome). The audio codecs decode AAC, AC3 (Dolby Digital), DTS, MP3 and Ogg. Caution: On 64-bit versions of Windows 8 have to install 32 and 64 bit as well as Windows Media Player in Windows 8 is still in 32 bit mode.


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