Windows 8, success and failure

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Yesterday Microsoft announced the sale of 40 million licenses of Windows 8 in a month. If the sales pace remains will be the most successful Windows version. Windows 7 licenses sold 60 million in the first three months and was so far the most popular version of the Microsoft operating system. 

Release dates are somewhat different and play for the new version, closer to Christmas, when recorded higher sales of PC-but still, if accepted Microsoft official numbers, everything seems fine. “People know what Windows 8 and likes” Ballmer said at the last meeting with shareholders.

But the funny thing is that the story told by the PC manufacturers are different . According to a Journal a month after the release of PC sales with Windows 8 are low. David Chang, CFO of Asus, said that for now the demand is low, especially when considering the sale of laptops equipped with touch screen, one of the products that are supposed Windows 8 would revitalize. 

The vast majority of sales are concentrated in traditional laptops, without a touchscreen and the verdict is still in the air. In late October, JT Wang, CEO of Acer, warned that the company spends “a type of uncertainty that we have not lived in 20 years” because of the difficulty of calculating the actual demand of the new system. Surface, Microsoft’s tablet, is also having a rough takeoff.Sales have been low during the campaign of Black Friday American.

Between these two stories is part of the Microsoft business owners. Windows can be both a success and a failure. fréxito -I take the liberty of coining the term given to the interests of this industry for the contractions, as frenemy and the like- .  The Redmond company sells and licenses to private updates but its greatest volume comes from the PC manufacturers themselves. Each PC left the factory, or almost every PC has a copy and a Windows license. The equation is simple. If more PCs are manufactured, sold more Windows licenses. PC sales are slowing, partly by advancing the tablets, but still higher than 2009 when Windows 7 hit the market.

The problem of selling computers, however, lies in the field of Microsoft manufacturers and there is little to say. With Surface has started selling its own products but it is still a very small market. The initial demand for Windows 8 is not coming from business, usually slower in adopting a new operating system, and the domestic consumer, for the first time, has a wide variety of alternatives.It’s not just the tablet. I am sure that in many cases the same phone is more than reasonable substitute a second computer at home. 

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