Windows 8 is ill-suited for companies?

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Is Windows 8 bad for business?

The upcoming Microsoft operating system Windows 8 is good for the tablet market and the consumerization trend, but poorly suited for businesses, finds a Gartner analyst.

If you are already following the introduction of previous new versions of Windows or Office so many times wondering where the familiar menu items are like, which was designed at the touch functionality on Windows 8 apparently driven to the extreme. Gunnar Berger, research director at market research and advisory firm Gartner, the new operating system has taken a five-part report under the microscope. For this he was created by Microsoft specifically a Samsung Series 7 Slate provided.Class, he found how easy it can use Windows 8 with the touch screen, laudable even the simple installation, fast boats and a pleasant appearance.

Corporate customers wait for
that with the new Microsoft operating system is less than the needs of businesses within the company instead of the consumerization met, Berger is also not so bad.

But as in the first part of  writing the review, would have in a large field study recently laughed most of the participants when they were asked about Windows 8th Because most companies are still busy always too busy with trying to upgrade to Windows 7 and 8th at very few willing to migrate Windows Because of negative experiences with Windows ME and Windows Vista the B2B customers would closely monitor how successful Windows 8th

As much as Berger Microsoft also congratulated, again with Windows 8 more to capture the consumer, and have apparently found the right way to conquer the tablet market, it is by no means convinced of the idea of wanting to bless the desktop user community, let alone in the company, his personal specialty. For desktop computers now have time a keyboard and a mouse  .

Mouse acrobatics
But as he writes, it comes before him, as did Microsoft forget the design of Windows 8th “Extremely important menu” in Windows 8 were no longer on the opening screen – on a device with touch screen but easily accessible with a thumb wipe, but not with the mouse. “In a word: poor,” says Berger for the third part  of its review and the user experience of Windows 8 on a terminal that is not designed for touch-ability.

Only at the Microsoft TechEd he had betrayed the trick that you move the mouse in the upper right corner, then had to wait a second, which is ultimately a small menu will open. “I can not remember when I had to ask prior to this incident was the last time someone how to do something in a client OS makes,” said analyst.

As a cramp and almost impossible has opted to  analysts also proven to access via remote access, because the Metro-interface, which replaces the Start menu on the remote computer with Windows 8, the input of the known Windows keyboard shortcuts does not recognize.Again, the trick was necessary, drag the mouse to this time in the lower left corner and wait for one second, which then finally showed the Metro icon, waiting to be clicked. In remote operation, but this proved to be a very difficult undertaking.

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